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Reflex Office Products
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Alcohol & Catering

An extensive choice of leading brands is available for delivery on a next day basis, our drivers or merchandisers will even unpack these items for you for free!


Whether it’s client entertaining or Friday evening staff drinks, beers, wines and spirits are becoming an essential part of business requirements. Having these delivered from a one-stop shop only eases this process. We have everything you could need for corporate entertaining, including world speciality beers and ales to fruit ciders and premium spirits. We also carry a wide choice of fine wines with fantastic pedigrees from Europe and the New World.


Experience the convenience of ordering crisps and delicious cookies on a next day basis. They will arrive early alongside your office supplies.

What is Nitro Coffee? Nitro coffee is cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen. Innovative and visually impressive. Nitro attracts a lot of attention! When infused with nitrogen, the cold brew display an eye catching cascade of tiny bubbles which slowly rise to the top, forming a creamy head. Refreshing and naturally low in calories!

20 Litre Cold Brew Coffee kegs for £ 160 Machine rental at £ 42 per month for two years; £ 85 per month for one year. The prices include service, cleaning and repairs)

Though often overlooked, catering supplies are highly essential to keep your business running. Our forever expanding range includes an array of kitchen supplies, hot drinks and janitorial products. From gluten-free biscuits to elderflower drinks, the choice is endless. We are yet to be challenged for an item we cannot find!

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Here at Gamesys it’s always a hectic day in the office. Having Reflex come in and provide us with our office drinks, to name just one of our needs, is a huge benefit for several reasons. The members who come in to resupply our items are as friendly as they come (shout-out to Karishma!), and the team back at HQ never fails to deliver when we present them with the odd request here and there. If it wasn’t for these guys my department wouldn’t be able to cope with all of our staff needs. Thanks again guys - keep up the awesome work!


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